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BioRejuvenation sounds like a fancy term – but really, it’s quite simple.

Unlike typical dental approaches, which focus on symptomatic treatment, BioRejuvenation simply refers to focusing on the underlying causes of your symptoms from a whole-body health perspective.

TMJ disorders (i.e. issues with your temporomandibular joint) generally have separate, underlying causes, such as inflammation, teeth grinding, and jaw alignment issues.

This makes TMJ a prime candidate for minimally invasive treatment through BioRejuvenation dentistry.

To explain in more detail, we’ll examine five core principles of BioRejuenation treatment for TMJ that Dr. Santana Paine uses to guide her treatments.

The principles of BioRejuvenation Dentistry for TMJ

Principle 1

The mouth is a window to the health of the entire body, and many systemic diseases can be diagnosed and mitigated through the care of the mouth. Dentists often notice early signs of numerous diseases, including diabetes, cancer, certain types of arthritis, acid reflux, and more.

Principle 2

The airway is the most important part of the oral system. If the body is deprived of oxygen, especially during sleep, dreadful things could happen. TMJ is often linked closely with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which can cause airway blockages and momentary breathing interruptions throughout the night.

Principle 3

The temporomandibular jaw joint, or TMJ, is of optimal importance when considering the treatment of teeth, especially the bite. A stable TMJ is key to a sound bite and teeth that do not wear down, chip, or become hypersensitive.

Principle 4

A stable, healthy mouth with a comfortable bite typically leads to a stable TMJ. Teeth that are shaped naturally perform the best, and therefore, it’s possible to minimize certain TMJ symptoms through tooth care.

Principle 5

Together, the way the upper and lower teeth fit together with proper tooth anatomy and a stable TMJ are primary keys to a healthy, sound, optimal-functioning chewing system.

Simple principles, right? Now let’s see how they apply to TMJ in more detail.

BioRejuvenation and TMJ

Many people suffer from TMJ pain and other symptoms without realizing that an unstable bite may be the cause.

BioRejuvenation aims to restore your teeth and jaw alignment to their natural positions, thus helping your TMJ heal and function normally.

This improves jaw stability, relaxes the TMJ muscles, and in turn, prevents teeth from being worn down.

The process

Traditionally, dentists turn to crowns to get their patients’ desired functionality and aesthetics. This definitely works, but can be overkill in many situations.

In the minimally-invasive BioRejuvenation dental approach, the cause of the problem is targeted instead.

While crowns are sometimes still necessary, applying certain techniques to resin-composite materials allows for less removal of tooth structure.

These techniques also ensure that a patient will still have a beautiful smile that will last longer than traditionally placed resin composites.

BioRejuvenation dentistry focuses on an in-depth process to improve the jaw’s stability and ensure the TMJ muscles are relaxed, which all work to keep the teeth from becoming damaged.

Dentists who practice BioRejuvenation dentistry aren’t necessarily just treating symptom, but rather, diagnose the chewing system as a whole.

The end goals of any BioRejuvenation approach are:

  • Aesthetics
  • Overall functionality
  • Long-term improved oral health

Is this method right for me?

BioRejuvenation dentistry is a novel approach to treatment.

Based on extensive scientific research and observation of the human chewing system, BioRejuvenation dentistry is a comprehensive process which seeks to:

  • Stabilize jaw joints
  • Relax jaw and face muscles
  • Protect teeth from grinding and damage

Patients who undergo BioRejuvenation dentistry typically enjoy:

  • Excellent esthetics
  • Improved function
  • Comfort
  • Preservation of natural teeth
  • Long-lasting dental health

Of course, this approach can’t deal with every dental problem out there, but it’s an excellent tool to have available. If you need traditional treatment, we’ll be right here to help you with all your dental care needs.

Our main takeaway

Too often, dental care focuses on managing the symptoms of dental disease with invasive treatments that aren’t strictly necessary. BioRejuvenation dentistry transforms dental care by adopting a new paradigm for treating the underlying cause of illness.

Eliminate pain and take control of your dental health by scheduling a consultation with us today.


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