Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Restore your smile’s health, appearance, and function.

Does Your Smile Need Extensive Dental Work?

Full mouth rehabilitation is the complete smile solution!

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Tired of dealing with facial pain and dental problems? Not sure what dental treatments you need?

Full mouth rehabilitation is a custom treatment plan that’ll tackle multiple issues at once, including:

  • Bite problems
  • Joint and muscle discomfort
  • TMJ disorder
  • Worn-down teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Dental diseases and trauma
  • Unattractive teeth

Unlike most dentists, Dr. Carmen Santana-Paine offers a different approach through BioRejuvenation Dentistry.

This method focuses on the natural biology of your teeth and gums, helping them work in harmony with your joints and muscles for a fully functional, pain-free, and problem-free smile. We’ll also restore your teeth to their original, youthful appearance with minimally invasive care.

The end result is a beautiful smile you can easily maintain for the rest of your life. Ready to start your journey?

The Benefits of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Here’s a glimpse of your future:

Improved Health
Removing diseases and preventing future reinfections will ultimately improve your oral and overall health. This lowers your risk of heart disease, strokes, gum disease, and more.
Eat Comfortably
Enjoy your favorite foods again without discomfort. Chewing correctly will also improve your digestion and health!
End Your Pain
Headaches, sore jaw muscles, and sensitive teeth may be related to your bite. We’ll use technology to find and fix the root cause of your pain.
Enhanced Confidence
Never hold back from smiling again! Your treatment plan may include crowns, veneers, or orthodontics to hide flaws like gaps, stains, chips, and more.
We use minimally invasive treatments, which help conserve as much tooth structure as possible and prevent wasting money on unnecessary treatments.
Look Younger
Instantly look younger by fixing issues like worn-down teeth and discoloration. Stabilizing your bite will also help support your facial structure, preventing premature aging.

Dr. Santana and her team are passionate professionals who work in a streamlined team atmosphere. The office has the latest equipment and technology, surrounded by a bright, clean, and cheery environment. I highly recommend Dr. Santana. She’s not even in my insurance network so I have to pay a little out of pocket. It's worth it to me to have this level of care!

Becky (Actual Patient)

Dental Care Beyond “Just” Teeth

We’ll help you improve your entire well-being.
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If your smile needs foundational rehabilitation, quick restorative or cosmetic fixes won’t work. Instead, you need to find the underlying reasons behind your symptoms, which is what Dr. Santana-Paine does.

She offers “wholistic dentistry” that looks at your entire chewing system, including joints and muscles, not just teeth and gums. This ensures you receive treatments that are linked to improving your overall well-being and provide long-term success.

Additionally, you’ll benefit from:

  • Co-discovery: We’ll help you understand our findings and determine the best plan for your needs and goal.
  • Modern technology: Designed to make treatments more effective and comfortable.
  • Stress-free visits: Our team works to provide a relaxing, gentle environment every time you visit.
  • All services under one roof: Whole-health dentistry is our area of expertise! You won’t need to waste time traveling between different offices for treatment.

What else makes our office unique?

FAQ About Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Answered by our restorative dentist in Portsmouth, NH.
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