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BioRejuvenation Dentistry
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Two dentists discussing the alignment of a patient's jaw over their x-rays

BioRejuvenation Dentistry…Learn more about BioRejuvenation… is a science-based approach, focused on restoring the natural biology of your dental system. It does this through minimally invasive and conservative methods.

While traditional dentistry treats symptoms and provides short-term solutions for many common dental problems, BioRejuvenation aims to fix the root cause of the problem.

The treatment seeks the proper balance of your upper and lower teeth by thoroughly evaluating how your mouth works. Dr. Santana-Paine…Learn more about our dentist… is then able to use this information to restore your teeth to their original shape, look, and function while providing comprehensive care and improving your whole-health.

With BioRejuvenation dentistry, you get the best of both worlds: a beautiful and natural-looking smile that works in harmony with the ideal functionality of your mouth.

A dentist showing a female patient her tooth x-rays

Some treatments include:

  • TMJ Health

    By relaxing your jaw muscles, we seek to reduce stress on this particular joint. As a result, other facial muscles will also relax, and you’ll have less visible facial stress.

  • Bite Alignment

    By correcting the relationship between your upper and lower teeth, we can help stabilize your jaw muscles, reducing or eliminating clenching and grinding.

  • Teeth Restoration

    We can restore your damaged teeth to their original, youthful shape and function using our minimally invasive approach.

During this process, Dr. Santana-Paine focuses not only on creating a beautiful smile but the interactive relationship between your entire chewing system. To achieve this balance she may use crowns, orthodontics, veneers, and other restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments.

A dentist showing a female patient her tooth x-rays
TMJ & Headache Relief
Take your life back with TruDenta® therapy by Dr. Santana- Paine.

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Do you suffer from chronic headaches, migraines, or neck, face, and jaw pain?

As you know, these conditions have a negative impact on your quality of life and compromise your overall wellness.

The good news is Dr. Santana-Paine…Learn more about our dentist… has developed wholistic headache relief by combining different restorative dentistry systems and treatment methods, including TruDenta®. In fact, she was one of the first dentists to offer this system in the Seacoast New Hampshire area.

What is TruDenta®?

The TruDenta® System…Opens a new window to the TruDenta website… uses advanced technology to provide life-changing relief for chronic headaches and similar symptoms. The system addresses and treats the root cause of your problem instead of temporarily masking the pain.

How Does TruDenta® Work?
There are two stages of TruDenta® therapy:
1. Diagnosis

As an expert in neuromuscular and restorative dentistry, Dr. Santana-Paine uses Trudenta® diagnostic scanner to examine your head, neck, and jaw muscles. This allows her to check for inflammation and tension that could be the source of your chronic headaches or migraines.

2. Treatment

Based on her findings, Dr. Santana-Paine will prescribe a personalized in-office treatment to address the cause of your symptoms. Trudenta® therapy includes the use of several FDA-approved and painless restorative dentistry technologies, such as ultrasound, low-level photobiomodulation, microcurrent, and manual muscle therapy.

By focusing on the connection between your mouth and your body, Dr. Santana-Paine and TruDenta® provide a pain-free, drug-free, and needle-free solution for long-lasting pain relief!

A female patient sleeping comfortably with a nightguard
A female patient sleeping comfortably with a nightguard

Do you clench or grind your teeth while asleep? If you do, you may wake-up with a sore jaw or headache. This problem is known as bruxism, and it often leads to frequent headaches, excessive tooth wear, and extremely sensitive teeth.

If you suffer from this condition, we may recommend you try using a nightguard. This simple oral appliance is designed to comfortably fit your mouth, hold your jaw in place, and protect your teeth during sleep.

Dr. Santana-Paine can provide you with your own custom-made nightguard so that you can rest and enjoy a great night’s sleep.

The staff at Bay Breeze Dentistry are very friendly people, incredibly knowledgeable, and thorough! I had a great experience and would highly recommend a visit here!

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